Carbon dum-dum bullets - Explode on impact inside the body, causing neutralisation of 'leeches' if shot in the heart. Illegal in England. [featured in the movie Ultraviolet]


Allicin gas grenade - A garlic extract that causes a violent allergic reaction in vampires. [featured in the movie Ultraviolet]


Wood shrapnel grenade - Designed to cause widespread 'staking' hits. This would be particularly effective in an enclosed space, but unreliable in the open, as the shards may disperse without achieving the aim. [featured in the movie Ultraviolet]


Stake - A plain old fashioned pointed stick; Buffy called her favorite stake 'Mr Pointy' [featured in the TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer]

A retractable carbon spike, attached to the wrist and concealed by clothing, may be useful for personal defence and close-quarters use. [featured in the TV series Angel and the movie Ultraviolet]


Sunlight has been used effectively since long before formal records have been kept, and has been shown to be the simplest, surest and safest method of vampire destruction.

The risk lies in the methods used to force the vampire into daylight; attacking a vampire at rest during the day is a challenge that has attracted many novel approaches; a courageous woman, prepared to risk her life in distracting the vampire until daybreak features in legend, and was first - and beautifully - portrayed in the movie Nosferatu.


Video gun sight - Shows the scene ahead of the gun. Used to identify targets; on the basis that Vampires will not show up on video. [featured in the movie Ultraviolet]