Vampire Nutrition


Staking the Myth

There's a widespread, almost universal belief that vampires do not eat, and survive - thrive even - on a diet of blood and nothing else.

Let's face it, that's ridiculous. Vampires are creditied with amazing strength, speed, stamina and a fantastic power of regeneration. While ingesting blood could give a pretty broad spectrum of minerals, vitamins and enzymes, the amount of carbs and fat available would require a vampire to be drinking pretty continuously, 24/7; or gorging less often, provided they had a pretty huge stomach - large enough for a few litres of blood at a time. That doesn't happen.


Vampires Eat

But what do they eat?

I'd truly like to know. My guess is that they consume the same kind of things we do ... but I'd value any assistance with my research, which could tell us a lot more about the vampire way of life.

I am currently following up several lines of research, but would be grateful for any views, thoughts or information on this.