black ribboners ~ Members of the League of Temperance; vampires who have sworn never to take human blood 'former vampires who now wore black ribbons to show that they had completely sworn off the sticky stuff, my vord yes, and much preferred a good sing song and a healthy game of table tennis' - Discworld1.

induction ~The initiation of the metamorphosis into vampirism. Rather than simply drinking the blood of the selected victim, the vampire injects some of its own blood to induce the pupal stage, during which the physiology will be rebuilt for a new existence.

necrobiology ~ The study of life after death. [Movie: Fangs of the Living Dead]

nosferatu ~ The undead. Often refers to a vampire community. [Movie: Nosferatu]

protégé ~A human being selected for vampirification. Often a healthy, intelligent, twenty-something adult, but age can vary from Teen to Oldie. [Movie: The Little Vampire] (Sometimes referred to as a Candidate).

pupa ~The intermediate stage of vampirification, during which the protégé metamorphoses into the new form, with significant changes to heart, kidneys, blood vessels, and other organs, to accomodate a very different metabolism.

Renfield ~ Servant and protector of Dracula, from Stoker's book; most vampire books and movies have an equivalent, especially for the daylight hours. Generically, a protector, hanger-on, fan or obsessive vampire worshipper may be given the title as a term of abuse and ridicule (more).

Renfield syndrome ~ clinical vampirism in a healthy human; one who drinks blood. The syndrome starts with a pivotal event in childhood which causes the experience of bleeding or tasting blood to be exciting. After puberty, the excitement is experienced as sexual arousal. (Richard Noll, psychologist). Such vampire wannabees are referred to as 'renfields'

Sire ~ (arch.) A vampire who induces a person into vampirism. [TV: Buffy The Vampire Slayer]

vampire ~ A human being that has metamorphosed into a non-human form, characterised by dependence on fresh blood and a nocturnal lifestyle; extreme longevity is linked with the ability to remain inactive for extended periods without harm. [TV: Angel]

vampirification ~ The transformation from person to vampire, via the pupal stage

vampyr ~ The 'old european' spelling of vampire

vampyroo ~ A hopping vampire, often featured in Hong Kong movies. Largely idestructible, vampyroos hop like a kangaroo, occasionally indulging in martial arts and 30-foot leaps. Quelled by attaching a handwritten controlling curse to the forehead. Honest. [Movie: Mr. Vampire]


  1. Pratchett, Terry; Night Watch. Doubleday, London 2002.

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