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Despite being written over 100 years ago, Bram Stoker's Dracula is still compelling reading, and still the yardstick against which all other Vampire tales are judged - and, sadly, most fail abysmally.

While you can read and reread Dracula many times and still be entertained, it struck me that the 'diary' construction of the novel allowed for an alternative reading - chronological order.

I have seen several attempts to blog the novel; but they get almost impossible to follow, with endless page scrolling, confusing interlinks, and all miss the point that it cannot be one blog; there are multiple authors, and you would need multiple blogs, all interlinked (now there's a project ... ).

What this site does is provide the full unadulterated text of the novel, with links to allow you to navigate chronologically through the text, or follow the author's intention - or both.

There 224 chapter sections, most are dated by the author, and of the handful that are not, the date is clear from the context in all but one.

In many cases, multiple times are indicated, as events led to more than one diary entry on a particular day; dividing them may serve to emphasize their separateness.

One example of how the reading experience changes, is with the log of the Demeter; the original listed all the log entries in one list - now you can read them intertwined with other events as the tale unfolds.

For me, this has been a source of endless fascination, and I hope you enjoy it; feel free to send your comments, particularly if you feel the site can be improved.

I have also incuded the Bram Stoker short story Dracula's Guest, which serves as a prologue to the novel, though it is unlikely it was ever intended to be part of it.


Andrew Heenan

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