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2009 Catherine Gilles
cgilles52235gmailends in com
Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA
"Granddaughter of John Stephan Heenan who was born in 1828 (or 1824) in Co. Tipperary of another John Heenan and spouse Mary. They probably in the Roscrea area near the borders with Laois and Offaly. John Stephan Heenan arrived in Wisconsin in the late 1840s; he may have spent some time in the east before moving west. I'd love to know more."

2008 Bernadette Heenan
Daughter of James & Margaret Heenan, Chicago IL.
Grandfather Hugh Heenan born Ireland March 5, 1865

2010  Christina Dawn Heenan
sister: Stacey A. Heenan
father:Thomas Michael Heenan
I live in Hillsboro, TX with my husband and two sons.

2010  Diana Heenan
my3princesat yahooends in com
I  was told we came from Ireland to Kentucky to Nebraska . 
My dad is Michael Heenan form Nebr. now living in California
My grandfather was Harold Heenan from Omaha, NE
My great-grandfather was Frank Heenan from Covingington, KY (he was a sheriff in Boyd County, NE)
Great-great-grandfather was John Heenan of Ireland married to Ann Hannigan of Ireland

2010  Heather Heenan
hheenanatyahooends in com
Long Beach, California; daughter of Robert Heenan, grand-daughter of Edmund Heenan

2008 Kevin Patrick Heenan
kevinatbeltwaychevronends in com
Son of Patrick Dennis Heenan born 1938
Son of Kathleen Eileen Muldoon born 1941
Grandson of John and Ethel Heenan Detroit Michigan
Cousin of Michael Patrick Heenan of Grosse Pointe MI
(listed in your database)
Born 1961 www.beltwaychevron.com
Silver Spring, MD

2010 Margaret Heenan Smither
My brother William P. Heenan (Albequerque) is already listed.  Our Father, Richard Dennis Heenan was born in Flushing, Michigan and was married to Elaine Madden Heenan.  I was born in Newport, RI and currently reside in Richmond, VA.

2009 Richard Forrest Heenan
heen1999atyahooends in com
I live in Lockport, New York
I have a myspace site at: www.myspace.com/rickheenan
I'm the youngest of five children of John Melvin Heenan and Myrtle Marie (McMurray) Heenan.
I bought the family house and have been mowing this lawn my whole life.

2010  Shannon Heenan Rowe
SHANN3333ataolends in com
Covington, Georgia
Brother = John Heenan
I am the daughter of Thomas J Heenan (son of Thomas Heenan & Mildred Heenan) from Pennsylvania

2008 Sheila Heenan
sheenan2atverizon dotnet
Havertown, Pennsylvania, USA

2008 Thomas Heenan
28771 Treasure Island Rd
Danbury, WI 54830
My ancestors emigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1829 from Lohrra, Co.
Tipperary. They were Thomas Heenan and Judith Mara, There was one child recorded in The Parish Registry, Mary. Family lore says Mary died on the voyage. The register began in mid 1829. Thomas had a son Daniel, who had a son Thomas Allen Heenan who was my grandfather. I have one sibling John Emmett Heenan who lives in Pompano Beach, FL

2010 Thomas Allen Heenan
thomasheenan99atyahoo dotends in com
Park Ridge, Illinois USA now residing in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia 1 daughter, Tallulah Sue Heenan, 11 years old. I am a language teacher, writer, sound healer and dowser.

2008 Thomas M. Heenan
bear19516atyahoo dotends in com
From : Cleburne, Texas
Born in: Kansas City Mo. in 1951
Parents: Earl M. Heenan And Phyllis C. Anderson( Heenan)
I have family in that region but moved to California when I was three.
I have a older sister named Terri.
My aunts last name was kahoun.
I would love to hear from anybody who might be related ...

2009 Timothy Alan Heenan
heenantimathotmailends in com
"I live in Olympia Washington now, but was born in Milford Connecticut, My father was Francis ( ACE) Heenan, my Grandfather Was Frank Henry Heenan he was born in Manchester New Hampshire, His Dad Was James Heenan, that’s as far back as I can go."

2008 William P. Heenan
Albuquerque, NM, USA

2008 Lydia Heenan
Daughter of Thomas Heenan. Thomas Heenan was born to Richard & Joyce Heenan. My Grandpa (Richard Heenan) was adopted and I know nothing of his family. My dad has 3 siblings, Richard Heenan JR, John Heenan and Cathy Heenan.

2010 Kathleen Woodring
katwoodringatyahooends in com
" I am researching the Heenans/Henehans of Berries, County Roscommon. John Heenan brought his neices (my great grandmother and her two sisters) from Ireland in the late 1880's. He was one of ten children born to John Henehan and Catherine Moran in 1849. He settled in Brooklyn and is buried at Holy Cross Cemetary.
His nieces and nephews surnames include Burke, Fallon, Green,Henehan, Heenan, Quinn, Sours, Sullivan.
They lived in Los Angeles, New Jersey and Ireland.

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