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Simply a directory of members of the Heenan Family, around the World,
who wish to be included - Currently 39 names.

It's to help those people to get in touch with lost family, build their family trees and admire the spread of Heenanic Genes ...

From a high of almost 200, from 12 different countries,
the directory has declined to just 39.

I believe there two main reasons for that - the negative one is people's increasing concerns about privacy (no surprise there!), and the positive one is the increase in professional web sites catering for genealogy and family connections.

Use it or lose it!
It's no great effort to maintain this site, and virtually no cost either; but if the decline continues - and we'll know when I see the response to reminders I'll be sending soon to the 2008 / 2009 people
- then, sadly, I think it'll time to close the site. - Andrew, 7 August 2014.

To be included,
Simply email me with your name, contact email address and your location (city, country). Your email address will ONLY be used to confirm details, and a few years later, to remind you to re-register. That's all.

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Unconfirmed Entries

Names below removed from directory August 2014
To be removed if no response to email by End September 2014


2005  Jason Heenan  
jasonat heenan dot co dot uk
Milton Keynes; Son of Janet and Dave Heenan (Camberley, Surrey)

2005  Lesli [Heenan] Masters
leslimastersathotmailends in com
"Maiden name was Heenan. Father's name Ronald Heenan, and he still lives in the Tyneside area, and is married to Margaret. Ron originally came from a large family. Brothers and sisters included: Tommy, Michael, John and Alice, Veronica, Molly and Emily. Have cousins everywhere, but we do not see each other very often. Know of some distant relatives in Sheffield area but have never met."


2002  Paula Heenan
"My name is Paula Heenan
I live in Dublin, Ireland,
My great grandfather robert heenan came from Tipperary lived in Dublin,
My grandfather patrick heenan is from Lizmore Road Dublin,
My father Paul Heenan


2006  Paul Heenan
pheenanatbtinternetends in com
Aberdeen, Scotland.
Son of James and Elizabet Heenan, Bearsden, Glasgow. I have one sister Margaret. I have two children, Lewis Heenan born 14 Jan 99 and Charlotte Heenan 13 Oct 01. My date of birth was 23 Oct 67. My grandfather was called Timothy John Heena and was born on the 31 Jan 1906. His father was called George A Heenan.


2006 Jackie Sherwood
jjjsherwood at aolends in com
"My name is Jacqueline Mae Heenan (now Sherwood) and I was born in Hastings, New Zealand.
My father was Ivan Bentley Heenan, born in Gore, New Zealand and my mother was Maisie. I have two sisters, Pat and Catherine.
I believe our ancestors travelled to New Zealand from somewhere in the centre of Ireland and would love to be contacted by any of them.
I live in Sydney, Australia."


2006  David B Heenan
davidheenan at optonlinedotnet
I was born 1946, Milford CT
Father Francis D. Heenan
Grandfather Frank Henry Heenan
Great Grandfather James Heenan from Ireland??

2005   Noel Heenan
noelheenanatyahooends in com
my father was Jack Heenan born I believe in Kansas, was in WWII in the marines, he had a brother named Noel Heenan (my uncle) who lived in New Mexico, my father had various children I have a half brother who lived in Fon Du Lac Wisconsin named Patrick, and another half brother who's name was Richard I believe, and my full brother Jack Heenan jr. I'm the youngest born to my mother and father, contact me if anything rings a bell.

2006 Patrick J. Heenan
hd_4_realathotmailends in com
Born in Chicago, IL to Patrick Joseph Heenan and Susan Heenan.
Dad was born in Chicago, to Jack Heenan from Pattsons KS and Shirley Bennington from Chicago. My grandfather (Jack) was a baker. My father had a half brother in Missouri.

2006 Jordana de Angelis Joyner
babieejay1024ataolends in com
My grandfather's name was Robert James Heenan from Ireland. His mother was supposedly from Argentina and somehow they made their way to NY. He died in the 60's or 70's.

2006 Margaret Watts (Born Heenan)
maggiewattstohelpuatyahooends in com
Tucson, Arizona
"Need info on Thomas Heenan. Born 1848 approx. in Ireland (where?). Immigrated. Married Mary --- also from Ireland in 1870. Lived in Syracuse, New York "


2006Holly-Ann Heenan
heenan atcogecodotca
" I was born in Cobourg, Ontario. I am the step daughter of the late Gerald Heenan who was in Cobourg, Ontario, died October 29, 1976. My siblings are Art, Lisa and Maria. My mother is Helen and lives with me in Peterborough, Ontario.

2005Michael Alexander Heenan
miheenan atyahooends in com
Ottawa; b. 1972 in Brampton, ON. Son of Alex & Diana Heenan who hail from Glasgow Scotland but came to Canada in 1967. Grandson of Timothy John Heenan of Ireland. Brother of Gary John.


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