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Simply a directory of members of the Heenan Family, around the World,
who wish to be included - Currently 39 names.

It's to help those people to get in touch with lost family, build their family trees and admire the spread of Heenanic Genes ...

From a high of almost 200, from 12 different countries,
the directory has declined to just 39.

I believe there two main reasons for that - the negative one is people's increasing concerns about privacy (no surprise there!), and the positive one is the increase in professional web sites catering for genealogy and family connections.

Use it or lose it!
It's no great effort to maintain this site, and virtually no cost either; but if the decline continues - and we'll know when I see the response to reminders I'll be sending soon to the 2008 / 2009 people
- then, sadly, I think it'll time to close the site. - Andrew, 7 August 2014.

To be included,
Simply email me with your name, contact email address and your location (city, country). Your email address will ONLY be used to confirm details, and a few years later, to remind you to re-register. That's all.

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unconfirmed entries may be removed after three years
Please rejoin!
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The Hall of Fame:
James Heenan
Sidney Allen Heenan
John Carmel Heenan

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What does it cost?

Nothing: It costs me very little, being part of my Grand Plan to Fill the Internet [see this page for details]. It costs you nothing at all.

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The more Heenans who register, the more use this page will be. If you want to help widen the net, please put a link on your page.

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Register YOUR Branch of the family!

1. Download the button, above, and save it in the same folder as the page you will add it to. I have called it heen.gif, but you are welcome to SAVE AS different.gif or whatever you wish.

2. Then COPY the text below and PASTE into your page:

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3. Edit it as you wish to best fit your page design.

4. If you'd rather a different banner, or a different colour - or you have any problem, please write to me:

Seen on the web:

"My family's coat of arms ties in back. Is this normal?"

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